Policies & Procedures

The study rooms in the Library at Waterfront Plaza are available to students for work on group projects, class review sessions, and other group studying purposes.

Reservations must be made in advance with the Circulation Desk at the Library at Waterfront Plaza.

Room Features

All study rooms are equipped with whiteboards. Markers and erasers are available at the Access Services Desk. All rooms have wireless Internet access.


  • Groups are defined as consisting of 2 or more people. All group members must be present for a reservation in order to book a room.
  • If an individual needs to use a study room (for the purposes of a quiet space to practice a presentation, conduct a conference call, etc.) this is allowed, as long as the individual understands and accepts that groups have priority and that, if a group should need the room, the individual will need to vacate. Please check with the Access Services Desk to request a room.
  • Use of study rooms is by reservation only.
  • Reservations can be made up to 14 days in advance.
  • A reservation will be held for 15 minutes; if the reserving group has not shown up by that time, the reservation will be cancelled and the room made available for other users.
  • An initial reservation can be made for a maximum of two hours; if after the initial period is over no other reservation for the room has been made, an extension can be granted. Please check with the Access Services Desk to request an extension.
  • In order to accommodate as many students of HPU as possible, study room reservations are limited to one reservation per group per day. Continuous or multiple group reservations made by different members of the same group deprive other students of access to study rooms and are not permitted.
  • Please be aware that the individual making the room reservation will be responsible for any physical damage to the room or its contents.
  • All individuals are expected to return furniture to its original location prior to vacating the room.
  • Food and beverage policies for the Library also apply to the study rooms as well. Please check with a Library staff person if you have any questions regarding the Library’s food policy. Please also clean up after yourself or your group before leaving the study rooms.
  • The study rooms are intended for academic purposes and course work or study; as such, meetings of student clubs and organizations are not permitted. Clubs and organizations are encouraged to contact the Student Life Office (808-544-0277) for help in locating meeting places.
  • Priority use for a study room is given to groups of two or more HPU students.
  • For safety/security purposes, the door must remain unlocked while in use.
  • All individuals using the study rooms are subject to the University Libraries Conduct Policy and the HPU Code of Student Conduct. (The HPU Code of Student Conduct can be found in the HPU Student Handbook.)
  • Library staff reserve the right to cancel a reservation at any time.

Note: These policies and procedures are subject to change without prior notification.


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